CLIENT: Capital Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County & Pacers Sports & Entertainment
PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO: Pacers Sports & Entertainment
Feature Elements engineered, fabricated, and installed by Eventscape:

Custom Stainless Steel Arch & Multi-Media Dome

Project Description

Indianapolis wanted to commemorate its bicentennial in a way that would bring citizens together in a spirit of joyful interaction and connection. With Populous Architects, who renovated Gainbridge Fieldhouse, home of the NBA Pacers and WNBA Fever, Eventscape conceptualized and created two outstanding works of public art to animate the newly created Bicentennial Unity Plaza.

The project required not only advanced engineering and fabrication solutions to deliver on a tight timeline but also the creative spark that informs Eventscape’s approach to every assignment.

The Unity name of the plaza inspired the concept of ‘Together’, a monumental stainless-steel arch conveyed as two outstretched cantilevered forms reaching towards each other – a reference to the Kennedy King Memorial in Indianapolis. The 125-foot span is also a gateway to concessions and a public basketball court and skating rink on the doorstep of the Fieldhouse.

A second installation conceived and fabricated by Eventscape called ‘Sphere’ features a 24-foot-high dome with openings into an immersive video environment with interactive possibilities. Together, these sculptures have a powerful presence that embrace community and celebration in this new urban space.

Unique Characteristics and Project Challenges

Both ‘Together’ and ‘Sphere’ feature a highly polished, tessellated stainless-steel surface that acts as a beacon for the new plaza. These sculptural forms required extensive sun studies to ensure reflection did not intrude on traffic and adjacent buildings. Custom fabricated mirror-polish 316L stainless-steel braked-formed and rolled panels transition to a satin-finish that mitigates the reflectivity of the structures while preserving the selfie-image opportunities at grade level.

The monumental arch of ‘Together’ is engineered like a bridge without columns and cantilevered from its secure footings beneath the plaza. Custom fabricated bearings with post installed anchor plates attach to the plaza’s platform structures. A galvanized steel frame supports the stainless-steel panels with flanges for attaching to the structure with concealed fasteners.

At the tip of the arches are two milled bas-relief limestone endcaps with engraved elements of the Indiana flag. Their concealed fasteners integrate color-changing lighting to shine on these distinctive local symbols and to create a halo glow effect around the perimeter.

The ‘Sphere’ installation also conceals its elaborate mechanisms of support and function and presents to the plaza a smooth, seamless surface. Hidden features include an array of lights, sensors, and cameras. Exterior grade lights define the sculpture’s perimeter edges and signal entry points to the dome. The complex curved digital surfaces of the sphere are made up of 24 variations of custom trapezoidal shaped LED modules & 19 variations of cabinet sizes. In total, 1649 modules and 67 cabinets make up the 2 large complex curved LED screens. Along with the digital is an integrated sound system with 13 Meyer powered speakers producing 860 watts each and 3 sub woofers producing 1200 watts each for an amazing immersive experience when standing inside.

This is the first exterior digital screen in downtown Indianapolis and features concave screens that line the interior form. The possibilities of these kinetic screens to engage participants include projecting their image in large scale and have random animated sequences activated by sensors. The screens are also synched to the arena’s main system for broadcasting live events.

Embedded in the design are references to basketball to deepen the connection of this site-specific art. The dome’s form takes inspiration from a deconstructed basketball. The 23.75-inch height equals the length of the 3-point line in NBA play. And the sphere is oriented towards the arena with a centreline in the shell that aligns with center court.


“Bicentennial Unity Plaza is a project that works on many levels to bring people together in a spirit of celebration and civic pride. The two monumental sculptures envisioned and fabricated by Eventscape wonderfully capture this enthusiasm and activate the square as a welcoming beacon in Indianapolis.”

Daniel Lopez
Vice President for External Affairs and Corporate Communications
Pacers Sports & Entertainment


“Gainbridge Fieldhouse and Bicentennial Unity Plaza are far more than simply event spaces. They are amenities that make our downtown more connected and the backdrops for incredible experiences for visitors and residents, and we are proud of the way our collaboration with Eventscape has helped transform this amazing public space. Behind the visually appealing, reflective surfaces of Together and the embedded, concave video screens in the dome-like Sphere, complex structural and technological innovation is expertly conceived, crafted and concealed by design.”

Senior Principal